Treasury Management

Treasury Management is a vital function in any organization. Irrespective of the scale of the operation, every entity engages in treasury related activities. Depending upon the industry and the scale of operations, certain companies maintain treasury department as a separate unit. In most instances, small or medium scale organisations manage treasury related functions together with the Finance Department/Account Department. Thus, irrespective of the job classification based on departments, every organization has treasury related activities taking place.

Main objective of treasury management is to manage liquidity status of the organization in a manner to support operational, marketing, strategic and finance activities.

Companies will require technical assistance with regard to treasury function in different ways. Certain organisations will require outsourcing this activity whilst they focus on their main business. When an urgent cash requirement arises, company foresee a difficulty in managing cash flow, they will require expertise support or advice.

In treasury management, KSI will engage in the following

  1. Cash flow management.
  2. Assets & Liability management.
  3. Setting up the ALCO committee.
  4. Participating in the ALCO committee.