Magnifying IFRS 9

The purpose of this event was to highlight the real impact of IFRS 9, beyond the accounting treatment for Finance Companies. As at this time of the year, with the regulations imposed by CBSL on Finance companies there was a direneed to bring the impact of the standard to the minds of the key stakeholders of the companies and deviate them from common misunderstanding which has prevailed that the implementation of this standard is the core responsibility of the accounting department, but the organization as a whole.

Magnifying Micro Finance

The importance of microfinancing to Sri Lanka’s economy, developing sector with the newly implemented Microfinance Act and the use of technology were the key topics discussed at the forum titled ‘Magnifying Microfinance: The Way Forward’. The speakers weighed the impact of microfinance sector would have on the economy, advantages, challenges, trends as well as on next generation microfinance technology solutions.