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Ranking of Listed Finance Companies in Sri Lanka

Financial Report for Q3

K Seeds Investments take pride in presenting the first issue of the Ranking of the Listed Finance Companies in Sri Lanka; for the 3rd Quarter of the financial year 2019. The report emphasizes on the ranking of Listed Finance Companies in Sri Lanka based on 4 categories on the asset base. The report ranks the finance companies according to their performance across eight parameters: cost/income ratio, net profit margin, impairment to loan book, return on equity, return on assets, net interest margin, deposit growth and net profit growth by weighting them and arriving at an aggregate score for each category.

Awareness Programmes

Awareness programmes are launched with the intention of updating the public about important changes in the business environment. For example, upcoming tax reporting changes, upcoming regulatory changes in business registration of companies, upcoming changes in terms and condition of contractual obligations amongst business parties etc. K Seeds facilitate such programmes with the prominent parties in the relevant industry to present it to the public at large in a common forum. [..]


Awareness programs conducted by K Seeds Investments:


KPI >>

The effective implementation of KPI's for better results.

IFRS 9 >>

The real impact of IFRS 9, beyond the accounting treatment for
Finance Companies.


Micro Finance >>

Impact of microfinance on Sri Lanka’s economic drive.


Information Papers

Information papers submitted in this website by K Seeds, are aiming to provide a glimpse of the status of various commodities in the financial/business markets. 

Findings from the research papers are embedded in the services provided by K Seeds.

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