Balance Sheet Restructuring

Balance Sheet Restructuring

Balance Sheet of a company reflects the net worth of a business based on its accounting equation.  Thus, Balance Sheet reflects the Going Concern, in running the business.


Balance sheet restructuring enables a business to rationalize its assets, liabilities and capital contributions to remain competitive. At the same time, preposition for the Balance Sheet items vary from industry to industry.


For the corporate entities where they seek assistance in Balance Sheet re-structuring, KSI will engage in the following:

  • Managing Debt to equity ratio.
  • Optimizing Working capital cycle.
  • Benchmarking Asset turnover.
  • Analyzing core business against contributing assets.
  • Analyzing whether the company has invested utilizing borrowed capital or own capital.
  • Analyzing investments & funding propositions.
  • Identifying non-core business activities.
  • Analysing other assets & liabilities to maximise the economic usage of assets.